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Soul Purpose

Dearly Beloved Creator:

Beloved experiences the richness of paradise Heaven on Earth through Beloveds subtle and profound gifts of Divine Love on Earth.

As the Wind (AIR) blows, I breathe in Beloveds breathe that fills thy lungs with life and hear Beloved’s subtle whispers of Love.

As the (FIRE) of our heavenly Sun shines upon thy skin, I feel the warmth of our Beloved’s loving embrace fueling thy passionate heart.

As the Rain (Water) our Beloved’s tears cleanses and blesses thy skin washing away all fears.

As the Dirt (EARTH) beneath thy feet, Beloved securely supports each step I take as we walk together as ONE!

THIS is who Beloved truly is (SPIRIT):

I breathe the spirit of God‘s breath into the ditches and troughs to birth the sweetness of life by impregnating barren lands so they may bear edible fruit.



~ Priscilla M. Wheeler

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