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How cold does EVEREST get?

The interior cabin temperature is adjustable from feeling like -145F to -175F. These settings can be adjusted for each client/user for a personalized cryo session

How much do these systems cost?

The current system prices are displayed on the site not including installation or frieght. Cost of installation & frieght will be added to your total cost before shipment based on your location

Can these systems be customized?

Yes! We offer hundreds of color options as well as interior and exterior skins and textures. We can also alter the size and orientation of any system to fit your location

Do I need a separate room for the CryoBrain?

We can certainly accomodate installing the CryoBrain in a separate room such as a machine room, or the CryoBrain can be placed directly next to the chamber, up to you!

What is the CryoBrain?

The CryoBrain is the mechanical part of the system that you don't see but does most of the work to cool your chamber and communicate back with our tech support team and your app

I put my deposit in! Now what?

Congratulations! With a deposit, you secured a delivery priority! Keep an eye out for an intorductory email with links to our training, media pack, and install readiness forms! We are super excited to have you on board!

What is the lead time?

We are currently shipping units every week and strive to keep a lead time of 60 days or less! Contact us today to see how quickly we could get your system to you!

Last Update October 18, 2020