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Creating a Morning Flow/Ritual

A few months ago a dear friend posted," What is your flow?" I was so moved that I began to experiment, to figure out what does my flow look like? In a recent Akashic Records reading (Book of Life), it was recommended that I:

A. Be centered and grounded before my feet hit the floor in the morning.

B. To greet my pets (kitties) with affection and love right after.

C. To do an internal Martial Arts breathing technique I had learned while standing barefoot in the grass.

BENEFITS: I am more focused, calm and balanced throughout the day. I am able to manifest things faster. When challenges do arise I am able to maintain a calm state to make the best decision for my highest good at that time. This has also re-built an inner trust with myself. By keeping this daily routine I am keeping a daily self-commitment which courageously ignites inner trust and self-love.

PLEASE NOTE: I can not guarantee the same results as we all have different lifestyles, skill sets and demands. I do hope this inspires you to create your own!


~ Priscilla M. Wheeler

Life Balance Specialist

Morning Flow / Ritual

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