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Sometimes we just need a helping hand through the many twists and turns along our journey. Through our shared connection of love to our Beloved Creator we are able to b...
Life Balance Session
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Start Your Journey

I provide a deeper look into the behaviors and emotions of our furry, scaly, winged, animal kingdom. I am able to communicate with you what they can not through a techni...
Animal Intuitive Session
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Are you tired of working from paycheck to paycheck just barley having enough money to cover your monthly expenses? Are you doing well financially and feeling guilty about...
Midas Touch Gratitude Session
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Gratitude Sharing

Image by Megan Johnston
Priscilla Headshot.jpg

Meet Priscilla M. Wheeler

Midas Touch Coach, Intuitive Healer

Martial Arts Practitioner.

I am honored and GRATEFUL that you have chosen to take your valuable time to learn more about us! 

Hi there, my name is Priscilla Mae Wheeler. 

I am a

  • Midas Touch Coach

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner | Lemurian Healer

  • Animal Intuitive 

  • Martial Arts & Qigong Practitioner

Through multiple transformative modalities and tools, I am able to unlock an over flowing treasure chest filled with unlimited Prosperity. Let's sail the golden seas together and re-discover the loving flow of Prosperity and abundance deep within.

Image by Donald Giannatti
Blond photo.JPG

Estefina Andrea Tarre

Photographer, Miami, FL

" Releasing The Ego & Connecting With Thy Inner Self"

When I was brought to Priscilla I had no real understanding what it was that she did. I kept questioning the whole "Energetic Healer" concept. What does that even mean? She can't actually "heal" my energy? *Rolls eyes* I meditate, I'm sure thats enough...Thoughts from the ego... Lets just say that this beautiful spiritual instrument brought down to our human realm, is here to show us that we can be happy, we can lead with our hearts and stop being so prideful (ego). Our most uncomfortable moments in life are usually done out of action from the ego but one thing we don't understand is that theres something that is deeply seeded in us that acts upon emotions. Once you are willing to accept every part of what makes you, that is when you're ready to overcome your past, face your fears and let yourself be healed. My experience with Pricsilla has changed my life in a way that i never thought possible. Since I was four years old I held a lot of resentment and felt a sort of emptiness within me that I didn't understand and never knew how to face. I am now whole, I now love purely, I give everything out of love, the beauty that was so deeply hidden in side me has finally blossomed at age twenty-four, and I finally feel happy in my own skin, happy inside my own thoughts, and confident in ways I had never felt possible to feel. I thank you for healing my energy and chakras, and just giving me strength to feel Gods presence and no longer feel any resentment or hold pride towards anyone or anything. You are an amazing human being, I am forever thankful for your presence in my life. Sending you love and light always <3 <3

older women photo.JPG

Julie Xeomara Akashic Records Teacher, Boca Raton, FL

"Healing at a Cellular Level"

​I received a healing session from Priscilla for my pet and myself and I am amazed by the positive changes that we both experienced and are continuing to experience. This healing helped my pet and I get through a very challenging time. Priscilla is a Divinely guided and gifted Soul who truly works with her client's Highest and Greatest Good as her focus. She offers her services in a very selfless manner which ensures the highest outcomes for us, her clients. I thank her for following her mission, because we get to benefit from a truly dedicated Light Worker. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, again, Priscilla.


Samantha Velez

Realtor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I absolutely loved my session with Priscilla! Her energy is amazing and she is truly gifted :)."

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The purpose of Millennial Midas is to assist Soul Purpose driven individuals on how to be more prosperous, through a new currency called Prosperous Circulation or Gratitude Sharing.

What is Prosperous Circulation?

What are the special ingredients that are needed to nurture Prosperous Circulation so it flows healthy and consistently in all aspects of our lives? 

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With Gratitude, Priscilla Mae

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